Here at Dala Décor, we thrive on building you that one of a kind conversation piece for your home or place of business. We contract an array of experts ready to provide custom furniture, builds and decor into any space.

Whether our clients are looking to create their own unique designs, or if there are just a few areas of their project that requires a tailored piece of furniture, Dala Décor has the resources to accommodate their needs. 

From live edge tables, countertops, barn doors, bars, seating, antique reproductions, cabinets and intricate wall panelling we’d love to sit down and create that special missing piece with you.


About Our Custom Work:
  • All of our custom works are 100% Canadian Made.
  • All species of wood are Canadian sourced.
  • Each piece of wood is handcrafted by a community of Mennonite families we work with in Southern Ontario, ensuring the craftsmanship comes from years of experience & top quality finishing.
  • We work with any application of stain or finish desired for your piece.
  • Our Shop is advanced in today's application of epoxy to merge materials & protect products.
  • Our shop handpicks the Canadian Metals used to forge any of our bases or custom metal work.
  • Our powder coating partner can finish your metal work in the colour of paint you desire.
  • Custom designs & styles are not only available but encouraged in both Wood & Metal.
  • If you dream it we can help design it & bring it to life in any size, shape & style for your project.

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