Rediscover Your Space: Expert Tips for a Successful Decor Refresh

Rediscover Your Space: Expert Tips for a Successful Decor Refresh

Is your living space in need of a fresh, vibrant makeover? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll dive into expert tips to help you rediscover your space and achieve a successful decor refresh. We'll focus on the exquisite world of Dala Decor accessories, including rugs, art, mirrors, and pillows, to transform your home into a stylish sanctuary.

Begin with a VisionBefore you embark on your decor journey, take some time to envision the look and feel you want for your space. Consider the mood you want to evoke – cozy and warm, elegant and chic, or vibrant and eclectic. Having a clear vision will guide your choices when selecting Dala Decor items.


Satisfying our want for scale, the stoneware Relic Pots appear as if from another era. Solid and heavy weight with a worn earthy texture that is scuffed and marked, it has a weathered glaze with raw bottom. Designed to be displayed centre stage on the coffee table or console they are sure to make a statement.


Define Your StyleIdentifying your style is essential when selecting decor elements. Dala Decor offers a diverse range of accessories to suit various tastes, from transitional to minimalist and everything in between. Take inspiration from your favourite design aesthetics and incorporate Dala Decor items that resonate with your style.

Elevate with RugsRugs are the foundation of any room's decor. Dala Decor's rug collection boasts an array of patterns, textures, and colours that can instantly transform your space. Consider the size of your room and the rug's purpose – whether to anchor furniture or add a pop of color to a neutral space. No matter which rug you choose, enjoy free shipping, always.

Area rugs in the Alie Collection have an elevated antique look and plush, modern feel. The rug’s underlying traditional motif is overlaid with a slightly higher pile that creates a softening effect like early morning fog. The Alie Collection for Amber Lewis × Loloi is power-loomed in Turkey with durability for high-traffic rooms in mind. These rugs also carry the Oeko-Tex® label, ensuring their materials don't contain harmful substances.

Make a Statement with Art: Art can create a focal point and infuse personality into your space. Dala Decor offers a stunning selection of art pieces that can reflect your unique taste and style. When choosing art, consider the scale, colour palette, and subject matter to ensure it harmonizes with your decor.

This stunning image depicts the interesting shapes of trees and clouds, with the colours of sunset reflecting off them. Presented as a petite canvas on board with an ornate silver frame.

Reflect with MirrorsMirrors are functional and an excellent way to make a room feel more spacious and light-filled. Dala Decor's mirror collection includes a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different spaces. Place mirrors strategically to bounce light around and create an illusion of depth.

This Tufa Mirror features a vintage-inspired arched top and a luxurious gold powder coated finish. Its refined aesthetic will add a touch of elegance to any room.

Add Comfort with PillowsPillows are a simple yet effective way to introduce color, texture, and comfort to your decor. Dala Decor's pillow collection offers a wide range of designs and materials. Mix and match pillows with complementary colours and patterns to create a visually appealing arrangement on your sofa or bed, and take advantage of our buy-one-get-one get-one 50% off deal on all pillows.

Nostalgic countryside patterns of the Briar Block Print Pillow come to life on a textured slub cotton weave which is beautifully finished with embellished edgings. Handcrafted by textile makers that dedicate their lives to the crafting of exceptional cloth, this pillow evokes a feeling of a treasured heirloom. Complete with a premium feather down filler for fabulous fluff factor and comfort you'll want to sink your head into.

Blend Elements for CohesionTo achieve a harmonious look in your space, blend Dala Decor accessories seamlessly with your existing decor. Consider colour coordination, balance of textures, and the overall flow of the room. Dala Decor's versatile offerings make finding pieces that complement your existing furnishings easy.

Bring texture, pattern, and interest to your table by layering a Linen Waffle Weave Table Runner over a tablecloth. Neutral in colour with welcoming waffle texture, it’s an easy to style addition to the dining table giving a more is more approach with thoughtful layers. A generous 108” long they are designed to accommodate the largest of family farmhouse tables or to gracefully hang over the end of smaller tablescapes.

Experiment and RefreshDon't be afraid to experiment with different combinations and placements of Dala Decor items. Rearrange furniture, swap out accessories, and refresh your decor periodically to keep your space feeling inspired.

Seek Professional GuidanceIf you're overwhelmed or unsure about your decor choices, consider consulting with an interior decorator. Our team can provide expert advice on effectively incorporating Dala Decor accessories into your space.

Rediscovering your space with Dala Decor accessories is an exciting journey that allows you to express your unique style and personality. By starting with a vision, defining your style, and carefully selecting rugs, art, mirrors, and pillows, you can achieve a successful decor refresh that transforms your home into a haven of beauty and comfort. Explore Dala Decor's exquisite collections and let your imagination run wild as you create a space that reflects you.


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