Behind the Scenes at Dala Decor: Get To Know Us Better

Behind the Scenes at Dala Decor: Get To Know Us Better

With more than tripling our Dala community in the last year, we thought it was time to peel back the sofa cushions on who we are, what we can offer you, where we are going, and everything in between!


Who are we?

We are Dala Decor; a furniture store and custom design house. Born out of necessity, our founder and president, Troy Duncan, was compelled to develop an innovative approach to home decor as he couldn't find the quality products and services he was looking for while furnishing his home. Since then, we have bridged the gap between designers and consumers by creating a space for people to explore their design style and feel assured that their wants and needs are heard.


Where have we been?

We might be new to you, but we have been in the industry for over ten years. In the past, we relied on our many beautiful relationships with designers, customers, and local businesses, but it was time to think bigger! Discover a new world of convenience and value with our online store, featuring a stunning range of furniture and decor products, as well as a wide range of services designed to help our industry partners succeed. In the next year, we have a few surprises in store that we can’t wait to share with our community.


Our Mission

We have all walked into a store and felt that uncomfortable pressure to make a purchase. That is simply not how we roll at Dala! We believe that shopping for furniture and decor should be a fun and enjoyable experience. At our store, we pride ourselves on offering a stress-free shopping experience that lets you take your time to find the perfect piece. With our knowledgeable staff, easygoing atmosphere, and exceptional furniture and decor, you can trust that you're getting the best. Come in, grab a coffee, and chat with us (if you want!). Our showroom features a carefully curated selection of furniture and decor, with new items added regularly. Plus, our online store offers a convenient shopping experience with easy-to-use search and filter tools.


Dala Design Services

We offer a wide range of services here at Dala. Everything from guiding you to the right piece for your space to a full home makeover. Empower your creativity with our innovative design services, as praised by our satisfied customers who have brought their vision to life.

“Our experience with Dala Decor has been amazing. The customer service is exceptional, and they went above and beyond to ensure we were happy!” - Nancy L.

“Leah was exceptionally helpful giving us all our options. Very happy with the service and selection.” - Andrea B.

“Dala went above and beyond with customer service and taking care of our furniture needs. These are all high-end, quality items. Sure, the prices reflect the quality, but when you’re purchasing items for your home that you want to last decades - this is the spot to go to. This isn’t a basic furniture store where you’re hoping your couches, tables and chairs last 5 years. This is the spot to go to when you want to pass your furniture down to generations. Thank you to Sylvie and the team for making the process easy for us and for accommodating our design and furniture requests. You’ve more than won us over and we will definitely spread the word.” - Jesse T.

The Dala team is dedicated to providing knowledge and guidance tailored to your budget and style. Experience the difference of working with a design team that understands your unique needs and delivers exceptional results. Our team can help you create a space that truly inspires and energizes you every day. 


Dala Trade Program

We really enjoy working with and supporting industry professionals here at Dala. As a Dala Trade Program member, you will receive preferred pricing, access to over 100 manufacturers and suppliers, both domestic and abroad, procurement, sourcing, storage, installation… the list goes on! You can learn more about our trade program here.

Dala Affiliate Program

We love to see #MyDalaHome projects and products featured on social media. We are continuously striving to be your go-to source for everything furniture and decor-related, so that’s why we want to offer our biggest supporters and fans something special. Get access to exclusive discounts, early product releases, and other perks by joining our affiliate program. Plus, earn money by sharing our products with your loyal community. 


living room design with floor to ceiling fireplace and neutral furniture.

Dala Luxe Collection

In six short years, we have evolved to designing and developing our own furniture line with the inaugural launch of the Dala Luxe Collection in 2022. This core collection is hand-crafted to perfection just for you, with design-forward pieces at an achievable price point. Inspired by nature, these pieces feature timeless, organic silhouettes and textures, giving each item a one-of-a-kind feel. Check out Dala Luxe Here.



We aim to be as transparent as possible here at Dala! Believe it or not, the furniture industry is still experiencing delays in 2023 due to the supply chain shortage and containers getting delayed at the port. Dala Decor is committed to clear and effective communication as we navigate these setbacks. Our team works diligently to address and resolve any issues while keeping our customers informed and updated every step of the way. 


We hope this insight into who we are, what we offer, and where we are headed has you as excited as us! There are some BIG BIG plans ahead. To keep up with the latest collections, products, and exclusive offers from Dala Decor, subscribe to our newsletter today!



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