Clay Lounge Modular Sectional

$1,791.00 CAD

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A stain resistant sectional that's ready for all the messes involved in running a busy household. The Clay modular sectional is upholstered with our LiveSmart Performance Technology Fabric, that is moisture repellent, stain resistant and offers barrier protection. Its cushions are filled generously with feather and fiber blend, and channeled and double wrapped to maximize durability. The the top eight inches cushioning is filled with foam making it ultra comfy and family friendly. Its capability of minimal maintenance and modularity allows you to stay stylish while having your desired configuration. It is truly a great value added to any space.

Corner Chair: 44.5” W X 44.5” D X 32.5” H
Slipper Chair: 44.5” W X 44.5” D X 32.5” H
Ottoman: 44.5” W X 44.5” D X 19.5” H

Corner Chair: 95.9 lbs
Slipper Chair: 80.5 lbs
Ottoman: 64.6 lbs

Light Grey

- 100% LiveSmart stain resistant fabric upholstery
- Feather & fiber mixed blend cushioning; channeled & double wrapped.
- Solid pine & plywood mixed frame

Manufacturer defects that occur over time will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and not subject to the 30 days, however, not exceeding 12 months.

We recommend vacuuming fabric regularly using the upholstery attachment and crevice tool of your vacuum. Not only will this keep the fabric clean, but it will make it last longer because dust and dirt cause quicker wear. If a spill occurs, immediately blot the fabric with a clean, absorbent towel. Blot from the outside to the middle of the affected area to avoid moisture rings. Regularly flip and rotate seat cushions and back pillows to distribute wear and increase the lifetime of your piece.

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