PRIME by Jahn Aamodt

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For your prime time

UPHOLSTERY Sheepskin, Leather or Fabric.

BASE Surface veneer oak (lacquered), oak (blackstain lacquered), walnut (lacquered) or full upholstered.

LEGS/FOOT Swivel chair with returnmemory in molded aluminum, white coated molded aluminum, black coated molded aluminum, wood/molded aluminum, wood or disc foot (full upholstered). The wood options are in oak (lacquered), oak (black stain lacquered) or walnut (lacquered). The swivel chair with molded aluminum and wood/ molded aluminum is possible to get in an extra high seat version (+3,5 cm). Footstool in the same options with fixed x-foot. 4-legs chair in oak (lacquered), oak (black stain lacquered), walnut (lacquered) or brushed zinkcoated metal. 4-legs footstool in the same options.